Royal Series

The Dickinson Royal Series is a premium side lock shotgun with a CNC-machined receiver milled from a solid block of molybdenum chrome steel. Its premium construction features include a gated barrel selector, heavy-duty hammer springs and precision CNC- machined internal components.

The intercepting safety sear and additional pin anchoring make this gun superior to 5-pin models. The receiver is beautifully hand-engraved in English scroll over one-quarter of its surface. The finish, 24-lines-per-inch checkering and final fitting are all done by hand. This gun comes complete with five thin-walled chokes to cover all shooting situations.

Wood Finish : Hand Rubbed Oil
Recoil Pad : Wood Checkered Butt Plate
Safety : Manual 
Fore-End :  Standard
Rib Type : Standard
Sight : Brass Front Bead
Mechanism : 5-pin Hand Removable Sidelock With Safety Sears
Receiver Finish: True Bone-Charcoal Case Hardening

Stock : English
* Fine Hand Checkering on Stocks (24 Line per inch)
* Premier Grade Turkish Walnut Stocks
English Scroll (25% coverage)
* Automatic ejectors
* Walnut Stock Grade 3
Available in 12 and 20 ga
Available in 26″, 28″ and 30″

Royal SeriesOL1226Side Lock1226"3"Thin WallStandardLeather Case-
Royal SeriesOL1228Side Lock1228"3"Thin WallStandardLeather Case-
Royal SeriesOL1230Side Lock1230"3"Thin WallStandardLeather Case-
Royal SeriesOL2026Side Lock2026"3"Thin WallStandardLeather Case-
Royal SeriesOL2028Side Lock2028"3"Thin WallStandardLeather Case-
Royal SeriesOL2030Side Lock2030"3"Thin WallStandardLeather Case-