Introducing our latest innovation in firearms technology, the 1911 Line, a testament to precision engineering and unwavering commitment to excellence. At the heart of our new series is the use of Forged Steel for both the Frame (Receiver) and the Barrels, ensuring unmatched durability and strength. Our Frames are meticulously crafted through a specialized hot forging process, using molds uniquely designed to enhance material robustness. This process not only grants our Frames additional strength but also prepares them for the precise machining on our state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Every step, from raw material selection to post-production inspection, is rigorously controlled using precision gauges to ensure flawless quality.

The Barrels of our pistols are available in two distinct forging methods, each tailored to provide superior performance and resilience. The first method employs Hot Forging, where the raw material is shaped and strengthened using our custom-designed molds. Subsequently, the barrels undergo deep hole drilling, groove-set drawing, and CNC machining to achieve their final, high-precision form. The alternative method, Cold Forging, starts with deep hole drilling and CNC shaping of the barrel. It is then subjected to Cold Forging to elongate and fortify the material, followed by detailed CNC machining and finishing. This dual approach allows us to cater to diverse performance requirements and preferences, ensuring that each barrel meets our exacting standards for strength and accuracy.

Our Pistols’ Slides are also forged using the hot forging method, utilizing molds specifically designed to maximize material strength. This initial step is crucial in achieving the extra durability required for the demanding environments our firearms are exposed to. Following the forging process, the Slides are precision-machined using our CNC equipment, ensuring that every dimension and specification meets our rigorous quality standards. Like our Frames and Barrels, the production and post-production of our Slides are meticulously monitored with gauges to guarantee consistent excellence across all components.

In sum, our new 1911 Line represents the pinnacle of firearm design and manufacturing, embodying our dedication to reliability, precision, and performance. Each component, from the Forged Steel Frame and Barrels to the expertly machined Slides, is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Designed for discerning professionals who demand the best, our 1911 Line sets a new standard in firearms excellence.

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