Estate Side By Side

Dickinson Estate Series shotguns are designed and crafted for superior feel, balance and consistent performance. Created for easy handling, straightforward operation and quick response, these fine guns give hunters the confidence to master every situation. State-of-the-art technology, advanced construction techniques and meticulous attention to detail combine for excellent ballistic performance and reliable operation in every hunting environment.Our elegant design and high quality standards are the signs of a truly great gun.

Wood Finish : Hand Rubbed Oil
Recoil Pad : Wood Checkered Butt Plate
Safety : Manual
Fore-End : Standard
Rib Type : Standard
Sight : Brass Front Bead
Mechanism : Box Lock
Receiver Finish: True Bone-Charcoal Case Hardening

Stock : English
 Fine Hand Checkering on Stocks (24 Line per inch)
 Premier Grade Turkish Walnut Stocks
 English Scroll (25% coverage)
 Automatic ejectors
 Walnut Stock Grade 2
Available in 12,16,20,28 and .410

 Available in 26″,28″ and 30″
Trigger: Single or Double

EstateST1226HBox Lock1226Single3"Thin Wall-
EstateST1226DHBox Lock1226Double3"Thin Wall-
Estate121HBox Lock1228Single3"Thin Wall-
Estate122HBox Lock1228Double3"Thin Wall-
EstateST1230HBox Lock1230Single3"Thin Wall-
EstateST1230DHBox Lock1230Double3"Thin Wall-
EstateST1626HBox Lock1626Single3"Thin Wall-
EstateST1626DHBox Lock1626Double3"Thin Wall-
Estate161HBox Lock1628Single3"Thin Wall-
Estate162HBox Lock1628Double3"Thin Wall-
EstateST1630HBox Lock1630Single3"Thin Wall-
EstateST1630DHBox Lock1630Double3"Thin Wall-
EstateST2026HBox Lock2026Single3"Thin Wall-
EstateST2026DHBox Lock2026Double3"Thin Wall-
Estate201HBox Lock2028Single3"Thin Wall-
Estate202HBox Lock2028Double3"Thin Wall-
EstateST2030HBox Lock2030Single3"Thin Wall-
EstateST2030DHBox Lock2030Double3"Thin Wall-
EstateST2826HBox Lock2826Single2 3/4"Thin Wall-
EstateST2826DHBox Lock2826Double2 3/4"Thin Wall-
Estate281HBox Lock2828Single2 3/4"Thin Wall-
Estate282HBox Lock2828Double2 3/4"Thin Wall-
EstateST2830HBox Lock2830Single2 3/4"Thin Wall-
EstateST2830DHBox Lock2830Double2 3/4"Thin Wall-
EstateST41026HBox Lock2626Single2 3/4"Fixed-
EstateST41026DHBox Lock2626Double2 3/4"Fixed-
Estate411HBox Lock2828Single2 3/4"Fixed-
Estate412HBox Lock2828Double2 3/4"Fixed-
EstateST41030HBox Lock2830Single2 3/4"Fixed-
EstateST41030DHBox Lock2830Double2 3/4"Fixed-