RA-9 Green

RA9 Defense 9X19mm Semi Auto Pistol

Designed for professionals with unique Turkish engineering, Ranger RA9 Defense is the new favorite around the world due to its high reliability, 17 rounds magazine capacity, perfect trigger weight and trigger reset distance. The unique “Monoblock Trigger Group”, its elegant structure , the world-famous Mec-Gar CZ75 Magazine and more durable with 4140 Steel used in barrel production, more reliable with firing pin safety and trigger safety, more durable with reinforced lightweight polymer used in frame production, Ranger RA9 Defense 9×19 mm Semi Auto Pistol is safe, long-lasting, easy to disassemble and high performance. All these reasons will come to your aid when you need it.


The Unique Monoblock Trigger Group

It provides a more durable and long-lasting use thanks to the unique Monoblock Trigger Group, on which all the parts that enable the gun to operate and fire are collected. It offers the opportunity to have a renewed weapon by simply changing the Monoblock Trigger Group. It makes disassembly and cleaning easy.


Elegant Appearance and Reinforced Polymer Frame

A more stylish and Elegant Appearance thanks to its special design, and a more durable pistol with its Reinforced Polymer Frame.


Features that make RA9 Defense different

Ranger RA9 Defense with 17 rounds original CZ 75 Mec-Gar magazine, perfect Trigger Weight and Trigger Reset Distance it stands one step ahead of its competitors.


Ranger Safety Standards

Steel Slide Back Plate, Firing Pin Safety, Drop Safety and Trigger Safety are makes more reliable to pistol. With Cocked Indicator and Striker Status Indicator provide a more controlled use.


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