These high-performance tactical pump shotguns feature over molded pistol grips for a firm grasp and enhanced control, even in wet weather or hot, sweaty conditions. These pump actions from Dickinson feature a picatinny rail on top of the receiver, as well as under the forearm, for easy mounting of lasers or tactical flashlights. To ensure superior accuracy in any situation, these guns feature ghost ring sights with hi-vis protected front sights.

ModelCodeGaugeActionStock StyleChamberBarrelChokeCaseWeight
XX3D SeriesXX3D12PumpShell Carrier/Pistol Grip3" 18.5"Muzzle BreacherNo-
XX3D SeriesXX3D-212PumpShell Carrier/Pistol Grip3"18.5"Muzzle BreacherYes-