The pinnacle of high-performance tactical pump shotguns. Crafted by Dickinson, these formidable firearms are designed with precision and control in mind, featuring over-molded pistol grips that provide a firm grasp and enhanced control, even in the most challenging conditions, whether it’s wet weather or hot, sweaty environments.

Equipped with a picatinny rail on both the receiver’s top and under the forearm, the XX3D-M-2 offers seamless integration for mounting lasers or tactical flashlights, ensuring versatility and adaptability in any tactical scenario.

But it doesn’t stop there. Superior accuracy is guaranteed with ghost ring sights complemented by hi-vis protected front sights, allowing for quick and precise target acquisition in any situation.

Whether you’re in law enforcement, military, or a discerning civilian seeking the ultimate in performance and reliability, the XX3D-M-2 stands ready to meet your needs with uncompromising quality and cutting-edge design.